Business Against TTIP

Business Against TTIP
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Business under threat

TTIP will force UK businesses into unfair competition with US firms with lower standards and lower costs, with the predicted loss of at least 680,000 jobs across Europe.

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Standards under threat

TTIP risks undermining the social, health and environmental standards that we enjoy in Europe.

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Democracy under threat

US companies will be given a special private justice system where they can challenge any new laws affecting their profits.

The Initiators

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Organic Farm Foods

Organic Farm Foods joined Business Against TTIP because TTIP presents a grave threat to the European food safety and environmental regulations that we’ve spent years improving. We are pioneers of organic fruit and we champion working with ethical partners worldwide to obtain natural food without chemicals from pesticides, fungicides and fertilisers – we need to make our food safety and environmental standards even better, not have them attacked in the name of industrial agrochemical sector profits.

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People Tree

At People Tree we know that Fair Trade standards provide the best chance to empower people, communities and ensure environmental best practice. Having travelled throughout the developing world, I've seen first-hand how lowering international trading standards negatively impacts human rights and drains the natural resource base of our precious planet. That's why as a Fair Trade and sustainable business we stand as a Business Against TTIP.

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Katharine Hamnett Fashion

TTIP is an outright attack on our environmental and public health standards in favour of big business. It's also an attack and takeover bid on the ability of our democratically elected governments to protect citizens, giving multinationals the power to sue governments for loss of future profits - vast fines will be paid with taxpayers' money. Get onto your MP and MEP and find out what they are doing about it. Tell them you won’t vote for them next time unless you see them actively opposing it in Brussels and Westminster!

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Menhaden Capital PLC

By going beyond tariff reduction and giving big companies the power to challenge and shape local regulations, TTIP is very different to a normal trade deal. I think it is profoundly hypocritical of our current government to highlight threats to UK sovereignty while also promoting TTIP within Europe. I am supporting Business Against TTIP because I believe it is vital that small and medium sized companies join this conversation.

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Charlotte Morton

We Are Orchard Ltd and ADBA

Our business is fighting climate change, yet TTIP threatens to see a massive increase in the dirtiest forms of oil and gas coming into Europe, locking us in to decades of fossil fuel dependency. That’s a massive step in the wrong direction, so I’m proud to be part of Business Against TTIP.

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MVF Global

Entrepreneur of the Year 2015

This deal has been created with predominantly large American corporate interests in mind and will have a negative impact on small and medium sized British business. At MVF we value democracy, and this deal puts large corporate interests ahead of our government and democracy. It's imperative we stop this deal happening for the sake of the British economy.