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Jemma Foster, Abandoned Apothecary/Mama Xanadu’s

Jemma Foster

Abandoned Apothecary/Mama Xanadu’s

Hippocrates once said "Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food". With TTIP, that medicine might be poison. European food safety standards would go out the window, allowing a host of unregulated chemicals and diseases into our food supply. Hippocrates would not be a fan. Neither am I.

Vivienne Westwood, Vivienne Westwood Ltd

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood Ltd

This pledge is about protecting our rights. TTIP means the end of democracy – it would take away our freedom. We have to fight every issue that threatens us – and win! (Image by Thibault Della Gaspera.)

Ben Slater, Bow and Arrow

Ben Slater

Bow and Arrow

Anyone who has read Steve Hilton or Jamie Oliver's brilliant work on global food production will know what a terrifying concept TTIP is. We must do everything possible to stop it from happening or face the consequences of exacerbating the inhuman practices animals are experiencing and the resulting human diseases we are suffering.

Ed Gillespie, Futerra

Ed Gillespie


Great businesses of the twenty-first century are reconnecting with delivering real social and environmental value – a purpose beyond pure shareholder value. TTIP doesn’t just fly in the face of this important, urgent progressive movement, it spits in it. Business as a true force for good is based on trust, transparency and service for the common good. TTIP fundamentally undermines this. There is no place for it in a future where people and planet must prosper alongside profit.

Ben Pugh, Farmdrop

Ben Pugh


Take a minute to learn a bit on what’s wrong with TTIP and how it’s a threat to our food from the experts, including Jamie Oliver. For anyone who cares about tasty, healthy food, our independent food producers and environment - this is unequivocally really bad news. Read in more detail here: https://www.farmdrop.co.uk/blog

Sebastian Pole, Pukka Herbs

Sebastian Pole

Pukka Herbs

TTIP is the antithesis of what a sustainable future needs. We need community based, organic agriculture and health systems that nourish people, plants and planet. We need a progressive business model that protects our environment and serves our society. TIPP does not do this and we need to keep it out.

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Andrew Poulton, Be-Organic

Andrew Poulton


I do not like to be bullied or to have others' standards imposed upon me. The USA has stated that if we do not allow it to export fresh foods into the EU that have not been subject to the same controls as we have imposed within the EU, they will block our exports into the USA. Our EU rules might be over cautious and represent too much 'red tape'. However, I do not want America's, in my view, sub-standard farming methods, to allow cheap and inferior products into the EU and undermine our industries.

Vivi-Ann Sandnes Eggum, Gamnes Farm

Vivi-Ann Sandnes Eggum

Gamnes Farm

Because with TTIP it is not possible to claim Green Environmental Tourism development, based on local ownership. Investors will demand clusters to cooperate and process local companies to sell their best local businesses if they compete with their global goverance.

Elizabeth Terry, Elizabeth Terry Bookkeeping

Elizabeth Terry

Elizabeth Terry Bookkeeping

Because I believe this deal will be detrimental to all businesses and I want to show my opposition.

Annie Seeley, Annie's Dorset Kitchen

Annie Seeley

Annie's Dorset Kitchen

TTIP is a threat to our democracy, it puts the rights of large corporations above those of the public. It also favours large corporations over small businesses. There are EU countries that have made great steps forward by banning GM foods and/or glyphosphate or have introduced targets to increase organic farming. Such steps are taken because there's a recognised public health and/or environmental risk or benefit and these governments have recognised that their population and countryside needs to be protected. TTIP would undermine such progress for no other reason but that it would impact on corporate profit.

Henry Greenwood, Green Schools Project

Henry Greenwood

Green Schools Project

The age of big global trade agreements needs to come to an end at a time when we all appreciate that the needs of people and the environment must be prioritised over the profits of large corporations in order to develop a healthy and sustainable future for society.

Simon Francis, Campaign Collective

Simon Francis

Campaign Collective

Small businesses and social enterprises face enough challenges competing in the UK marketplace as it is. TTIP risks making bidding for public contracts almost impossible. But equally important, the hard fought for rights of workers everywhere will be undermined as global corporations engage in a race to the bottom on employee welfare in order to drive down costs.

Lydia Davidson, Gozo Deli Ltd

Lydia Davidson

Gozo Deli Ltd

I want to protect the strict regulations we have in place as part of the EU. I want to prevent an increase GM crops, a reduction in animal welfare standards, and a host of other possible affects that TTIP will have on my organic food business in the UK.

Ian Henshall, Coffee Plant Ltd

Ian Henshall

Coffee Plant Ltd

The giant monoplies are enemies of small and medium business. They have to be stopped. I am an opponent of the American Empire and its puppets like Cameron, Obama and Merkel.

howard lane, GreenNet

howard lane


GreenNet is a social enterprise connecting people and groups who work for peace, the environment, gender equality and human rights. We recognise that TTIP is a threat to a democratic society, public services, food security, the environment and many of the hard-won rights of employees and businesses in European countries.

Margreet Westerhuis, Clearspring

Margreet Westerhuis

steve hatton, Cheshire Lawn Therapy

steve hatton

Cheshire Lawn Therapy

Big Business should have less say in global politics NOT more. Many of the largest multi-national corporations are irresponsible and couldn't care less about the consumers (people!) they rely on e.g., VW poisoning (emissions cheating), Starbucks, Apple, Facebook failing to pay their way in the world though selfish tax avoidance, WalMart with low wages/exploitation.

John Williams, The Ideas Lab London Ltd

John Williams

The Ideas Lab London Ltd

Removing barriers to trade sounds like a good idea but when it comes at the cost of good food standards and with the risk of governments being sued by corporations, the net effect could be disastrous and irrevocable.

Susie Hewson, Natracare

Susie Hewson


I've been campaigning with 38 Degrees as an individual for some time and I would like to show a business face of opposition to the government

Chris Dessent, Creative Concern

Chris Dessent

Creative Concern

TTIP works against all the things we believe in as a company. For us, the priority should be trade that is fairer and more equitable with a greater sense of environmental and social responsibility. Businesses can be and should be forces for good. TTIP isn't the answer and needs to be stopped. That's why we're signing up.

Struan Bartlett, NewsNow.co.uk

Struan Bartlett

Mark Redding, Amtech Range Limited

Mark Redding

Amtech Range Limited

TTIP is a despicable infringement on democracy and humanity, lobbied for by the giant multinationals who buy elections and have greedy politicians in their pockets. If you care about what goes in your food, about who is watching your communications, about your NHS, about having basic banking regulations to avoid repeated global crashes, about your job: if you care about not handing the entire world over to corporate control, you need to understand TTIP. There's no point complaining later when bad things are happening to you. Get involved now.

Business Against TTIP

Emily, Sarah, Chris, Alisdair, Suz House, McGowan, Newton, McKee, McKee

Single Step Wholefood Co-operative

We are one of the more than 99% of private sector businesses in the UK that are classed as ‘small’ and have not been consulted on TTIP. We are against TTIP because we think it will extend an unfair advantage to large corporations and lead to a lowering in social and environmental standards in the EU.

Business Against TTIP

Tracy Roberts

Absolute Accounting Ltd

This deal will adversely affect all of my clients who are mostly micro employers. This will filter through to affect their consumers, and that's ALL of us. Our choices will diminish as diversity is quashed and wages will be controlled by large corporations.

Robert Foddering, Wired Canvas Ltd

Robert Foddering

Wired Canvas Ltd

The mission of my business is ensuring that the work we do is positive at the core. The opportunity to help build this website and assist in spreading the word about TTIP fits wholly with that. Personally I have grave concerns about removing hard earned protective legislation, and aligning ourselves with a nation that puts profit at the heart of their dreams. We need as many businesses to know about TTIP as possible, as running a business has its daily trials and tribulations as it is without giving these corporations an additional competitive advantage.

Business Against TTIP

Ian Furey-King

Furey-King LLP

TTIP will decimate small business in favour of large corporations at the same time as reducing standards such as health and safety.

Ken Thomson, ATTN Print & Display

Ken Thomson

ATTN Print & Display

TTIP is designed for big business to write the rules to help themselves, it will damage small business and take away our democratic say in how our country is run and diminish our freedoms.

Hermione Taylor, Do Nation

Hermione Taylor

Do Nation

At Do Nation, we are trying to demonstrate that each one of us can create change, that our individual actions matter. TTIP threatens that ethos, disempowering individuals in a critical way. The agreement seems to be based purely on financial economics, but its social and environmental consequences need to be taken seriously too.

Karen Raingold, Raingold Faces

Karen Raingold

Raingold Faces

TTIP will be a disaster for small businesses, employees, wider society and the planet. We cannot let it happen!

Martin Burke, Chef Martin Burke

Martin Burke

Chef Martin Burke