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Jemma Foster, Abandoned Apothecary/Mama Xanadu’s

Jemma Foster

Abandoned Apothecary/Mama Xanadu’s

Hippocrates once said "Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food". With TTIP, that medicine might be poison. European food safety standards would go out the window, allowing a host of unregulated chemicals and diseases into our food supply. Hippocrates would not be a fan. Neither am I.

Vivienne Westwood, Vivienne Westwood Ltd

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood Ltd

This pledge is about protecting our rights. TTIP means the end of democracy – it would take away our freedom. We have to fight every issue that threatens us – and win! (Image by Thibault Della Gaspera.)

Ben Slater, Bow and Arrow

Ben Slater

Bow and Arrow

Anyone who has read Steve Hilton or Jamie Oliver's brilliant work on global food production will know what a terrifying concept TTIP is. We must do everything possible to stop it from happening or face the consequences of exacerbating the inhuman practices animals are experiencing and the resulting human diseases we are suffering.

Ed Gillespie, Futerra

Ed Gillespie


Great businesses of the twenty-first century are reconnecting with delivering real social and environmental value – a purpose beyond pure shareholder value. TTIP doesn’t just fly in the face of this important, urgent progressive movement, it spits in it. Business as a true force for good is based on trust, transparency and service for the common good. TTIP fundamentally undermines this. There is no place for it in a future where people and planet must prosper alongside profit.

Ben Pugh, Farmdrop

Ben Pugh


Take a minute to learn a bit on what’s wrong with TTIP and how it’s a threat to our food from the experts, including Jamie Oliver. For anyone who cares about tasty, healthy food, our independent food producers and environment - this is unequivocally really bad news. Read in more detail here: https://www.farmdrop.co.uk/blog

Sebastian Pole, Pukka Herbs

Sebastian Pole

Pukka Herbs

TTIP is the antithesis of what a sustainable future needs. We need community based, organic agriculture and health systems that nourish people, plants and planet. We need a progressive business model that protects our environment and serves our society. TIPP does not do this and we need to keep it out.

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Ben Meaker, Nice and Serious

Ben Meaker

Nice and Serious

Nice and Serious is all about making the world a nicer place by solving serious environmental and social issues. Now TTIP is very serious, but not that nice (not nice at all in fact). If it goes ahead, it will have a HUGE impact on people and businesses. And the environment is likely to take a punch in the face too. That's not cool. So for us, it's thanks, but no thanks TTIP. We'll sign the pledge instead!

Suzi Silva, Infinity Foods Wholesale

Suzi Silva

Infinity Foods Wholesale

People need to know this is about to happen, come together and make the change so that it does not.

Lee Coates, Ethical Investors and Ethical Screening UK

Lee Coates

Ethical Investors and Ethical Screening UK

Signing this pledge is all about standing up for what small businesses want - as opposed to what we’re being told we want and need. If companies are handcuffed into only operating in ways set by other, larger, overseas businesses that may not share our values it will be an end to innovation and the basic principles of free and fair trade. There is nothing free or fair in an agreement that sets the interests of the few against those of the majority.

Gerald Raingold, Marston Financial Services

Gerald Raingold

Marston Financial Services

Marston Financial Services is concerned about the impact of TTIP on small businesses.  In a number of sectors, regulatory standards in the UK are higher than across the channel. As such, there is a risk that the deal will expose SMEs to competition from US companies that face less stringent regulations and subsequently have lower costs.

Kiran Tawadey, Hampstead Tea London

Kiran Tawadey

Hampstead Tea London

Food needs to be produced in safe, ethical way. We started in business to show tea lovers a better way for drinking their favourite brew!

Hugo Sandon, Beacon Bank Farm

Hugo Sandon

Beacon Bank Farm

Beacon Bank Farm does not kill anything or use any form of herbicide, pesticide or fungicide (even organic certified). We let nature do everything. TTIP, on the other hand, is is an assault on nature. It promotes an industrial model of food and farming which threatens the survival of small family farms and standards for safe food, harming both local producers and the environment.

Lord Robert Newborough, Rhug Organic Farm

Lord Robert Newborough

Rhug Organic Farm

We have chosen to farm our livestock organically to protect and provide a healthier world future generations. TTIP is against everything we stand for. We need to stand together to stop the insidious spread of corporate agro-chemical companies taking over our agriculture.

Alex Smith, Alara

Alex Smith

Bruce Davis, Abundance Generation

Bruce Davis

Abundance Generation

Markets, and the businesses which drive them, should serve the needs of society as a whole. In a democratic system, markets should always be subject to scrutiny and held accountable to society to ensure that purpose is being fulfilled. The assumption of the TTIP process is that somehow markets and business operate in spite of society and it has avoided democratic oversight and scrutiny at every turn. We believe being a better business is not about narrow measures of profit for shareholders but about the greater value created for society through a fair and regulated economy.

Debbie Clarke, Unicorn Grocery

Debbie Clarke

Unicorn Grocery

We are deeply concerned about the threats TTIP poses to labour standards, animal welfare, environmental protection and democracy itself.

Jack Clark, Soleshare

Jack Clark


Ttip sets a worrying precedent for our future, one where profits outweigh the rights of people and the natural world. Do we want to live in a world governed by the people or by an invisible hand..?

Robin Nicholson CBE, Cullinan Studio

Robin Nicholson CBE

Cullinan Studio

We are most concerned about the unfair terms and see it as a big threat

Simon Wright, Organic and Fair Plus

Simon Wright

Organic and Fair Plus

I object to the insidious and undemocratic nature of the controls that TTIP represents.

Bernie Mitchell, Engaging Projects

Bernie Mitchell

Engaging Projects

In the 21st Century, we should not be doing business like this. Transparency and collaboration are essential for companies to grow and serve their employees, customers and society as a whole. Being able to sue a government for the loss of earnings is perverse! There many examples of organisations and companies making a profit and being fair to people; the kind of backhanded way TTIP is sneaked past the EU public is shameful. AMAZING what reaches mainstream media regarding details about TTIP!!!

Anna Templeton, Carousel

Anna Templeton


As a small business that prides itself on quality, fairness and supporting the little guy, we believe it is vital we fight against TTIP. Not only does it go against democracy, but it will be the end of the wonderful quality of food we currently have access to and the introduction of disease and bacteria into our food chain.

Jo Homan, Edible Landscapes London

Jo Homan

Edible Landscapes London

Whilst I admire big business for its cunning approach - making something sound so BORING and COMPLICATED that no one will pay it any attention - the actual effect of this de-regulation would only be to benefit shareholders of the large corporations involved. The price would be paid in human misery (as working conditions are lowered) and even less respect for the planet than is currently shown.

Andrew Trump, Organic Arable

Andrew Trump

Organic Arable

We see the influence large corporations have on the US organic sector through their ability to successfully lobby the USDA to dilute organic standards: www.cornucopia.org/ProxyDetail.pdf To have this pervasive influence over the organic industry in Europe would be unacceptable.

Justin Beckett, Belton Cheese Limited

Justin Beckett

Belton Cheese Limited
Matthew Ridsdale, Millimetre Ltd

Matthew Ridsdale

Millimetre Ltd
Lydia Wright, Transforming Lives

Lydia Wright

Transforming Lives

TTIP is designed for big corporations to over rule countries workers rights and health and safety laws in the interests of big business. We can not sell our democracy to technocrats trying to rule the world through money interests. We must stand up to the dirty tricks of corrupt money and fight for fairness and honesty in business. No one should just sit back and let TTIP happen. We the people say no!

Kevin Potter, Avon Archaeology Limited

Kevin Potter

Avon Archaeology Limited

Previous bilateral trade deals, for example between the US and Canada, have proved disastrous for small business. Overwhelmingly the beneficiaries of similar trade deals have, historically, been multinational corporations. The secrecy surrounding the TTIP negotiations is deeply worrying, and it is clear from leaked documents, and indeed from the secretive nature of the negotiations, that big business is being privileged over civil society and national interests. In particular the inclusion of an 'investor to state dispute mechanism' is of great concern. Not only does the prospect that large businesses will be able to sue national governments, through 'private courts', and thereby enforce their agenda, represent a serious assault on democracy, but it potentially discriminates against small businesses, which will not have access to those proceedings. We also share the concerns, held by millions of European citizens, over the potential impact on environmental, food and health and safety standards.

Donal Whelan, Hafod Mastering Ltd

Donal Whelan

Hafod Mastering Ltd

While it's unlikely that we as a company will suffer loss of trade as a direct result of TTIP, in order for our business to survive we do need a liveable planet with stable global finance and human co-operation systems. As humanity fast approaches the limits of GDP growth and resource consumption on what is, after all, a finite planet, we need to pull back from the global market homogenisation that only benefits big business and vested interests. TTIP is the ultimate unshackling for the very forces that are driving humanity to extinction and it must be stopped.

Liam Mullins, Speyside Scaffolding Services Ltd.

Liam Mullins

Speyside Scaffolding Services Ltd.

Because TTIP is a Fascist corporate takeover which would give the US multi-national corporate looters the same legal status as a sovereign state. This is criminal and any politician signing up to this is a traitor to the people of Britain. We would end up eating GMO's unknowingly as they would be forced on us without labelling. Neither is there a place in a free country for secret tribunals or courts meeting in the Caribbean legislating for Britain.

Sheree Hatton, Suma Wholefoods

Sheree Hatton

Suma Wholefoods